The Way Out For Brazil, and For Us

Brazil is tied up or blocked, by a group of people who have attempted a coup against democracy, but  who feel threatened by the truth. If they were to act honestly, to tell the truth of what is going on, the current legislation would put them in prison for a very long time.

They have conspired to overthrow a democratically elected government and have committed a variety of crimes against the economy, stolen from the public purse, and others.

The only way out is for them to be given a pardon in exchange for telling the truth of what has taken place behind closed doors in the offices whereby they arranged for this attempted coup to unfold.

They hold many of the reigns of power and have their hands on the many of the levers of power and wish to take over what they still lack in order to safeguard their own freedom. They are reacting like untamed animals in their own self-defence, quite understandably, although their machinations are grotesque to an outside onlooker, as exemplified by the vote in the lower house of the Brazilian Congress to impeach the current democratically elected President, Dilma Rousseff.

Other examples are the spat in the Guardian reader’s letters column about the oligopolist media in Brazil and the leaked announcement of the expected conviction of a Brazilian Worker’s Party member, José Dirceu, by the Lava Jato operation, even before the defence has been heard. It was this operation that led to this confrontation between the government and a cabal of plotters seeking to overthrow the government. The coup plotters and perpetrators are displaying an increasing level of desperation, exactly because they are the ones whose privileges are threatened by both the truth and by democracy.

The way out for Brazil, and for any country that finds itself in a similar position, such as the UK and the USA, is to announce a Truth Commission, pressured by public opinion, that would allow all participants to come forward and to tell the truth in exchange for walking free. These people would have to open their bank accounts wherever these may be held, in their own country or in tax havens, giving full account of their actions, and having to return all monies from illicit activities.

Claims to have rule of law of a democratic state have been shown to be ridiculous, in Brazil, in the UK and the USA. There is no shortage of examples if anyone is to take five or ten minutes thinking about it. However, those in power are obviously doing everything in their power to avoid being discovered and only we can stop them, by implementing the proposal I put forward above. It is really just common sense.