National Sovereignty

Lots of people are talking about national sovereignty, not only here in Brazil, but also in the United States and other countries too. If such a thing existed, which I doubt, at least as people imagine it, every country could live alone, without any interaction with other places. It is the manifestation of a belief, the fruit of pride, that a group of men can organise their laws independently of God and his Laws. The judicial confusion, in Brazil, in the United States and in the United Kingdom, is a demonstration that we cannot exist nor function without God, that their mental and institutional constructions are built on a false foundation, that the Devil has been teaching man since all this began and continues trying to do so today. The fact is that God is revealing, little by little, that the works of man are a failure and bankrupt. Only by recognising this, ceasing to try and repair or reform what is irreparable, will we be able to find what we have to find.