Thought of the Day – Friday, the 13th April

In English, a profession is medicine, engineering or law, for example. These professionals can treat people, build bridges or deal with people’s affairs. But, a shop or office worker is not a profession, it is a job or employment. But anyone can self-medicate, engineer something they want, and advocate for causes. A job may be either a permanent job or for a short time. But in Portuguese, a job means that you will work for someone else. In Brazil anyone can have a profession, even a dustbinman. The government or companies ask for your profession on their forms, and everyone agrees. But I think it is interesting, that a metal worker President, the most popular in the history of the country, the most successful in resolving the problems of Brazil, is not seen by many people as worthy of being a candidate once again, nor of enjoying the liberty to walk freely on the streets, nor have the right to a full hearing and a defence.

Meanwhile, a worthwhile job is seen as anything, except begging or being a slave, or walking the streets to feed oneself or their children. After all, come Judgement Day, every one of us will freely accept themselves as culpable, and God will say, quite so, but all are innocent too, and have the right to be happy ever after.

And so I say, is it worth fighting for or being attached to certain things which at the end of the day are Lesser, but which seem so big today?