Left – Right Paradigm

The Left is about Care and the Right about Rights. I see a similar fight against Lula as against Trump in the U.S., and even of the American left and right against Putin, each for their own reasons.

The Left is about a singular concept and the Right about plural. The Word is All. However, we have been, and are, fighting over interpretations of situations, people and places. And that is about it. It is about who has more, sincerity, power or authority, numbers, weight and so on.

English has a saying, “enough is enough”, which means basically, the measures have been taken and were found just, true, fair, balanced and so forth, and may also mean “OK, so let’s move on”. Other forms, in their singular simplicity say Basta, Assez or Quite.

If one looks at language structure, in this case of verbs, one sees first, second and third person, singular and plural. This fits all of us.

There are Us and Them, first and third persons plural. May Peace be upon us, and them, His Messengers. All of Us.

Then again, there are mine ours, his and hers, yours theirs and so on.

We are talking about, thoughts, beliefs, things, inclusion and exclusion, in and out. In may be within a group or nation, in the open, in prison, in love, in work or in the person, in the know, whereas out may be in the street, of the closet, out of ideas, out of money, out of pocket, out of sorts, out of the loop.

Another thought to consider are types of places, high low, left right, in out, right wrong, hot cold, all the extremes and variations in between.

Thinking back, perhaps I should have entitled this piece The Mathematics of Politics, but then who would have read it?