Judge’s ruling confirms the Guarujá triplex belongs to OAS, not Lula

Judge rules on the seizure of the company’s assets, amongst them the famous apartment attributed to Lula in operation Lava Jato – translation of article found at Brasil de Fato

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Judge Luciana Correa Tôrres de Oliveira, of the Second of Execution and Deeds Court in the Federal District, ruled on the seizure of OAS assets, notably including the asset of the triplex apartment which Lava Jato says belongs to ex-President Lula.

According to information on the blog of journalist Mino Pedrosa, this ruling goes against the investigation in Lava Jato about the Guarujá triplex. The legal action attends to a company seeking payment of debts against OAS Empreendimentos.

The business centre that was being built in the Federal District had a Specific Purpose Business contract, and the creditor company filed a legal suit for recovery of R$ 7.2 million corrected for inflation. The Judge admitted the claim and ruled on the judicial blocking of the accounts of OAS Empreendimentos, holding just R$ 10,000. The creditor company did a search of notary offices throughout Brazil and found four properties in Guarujá in the name of OAS Empreendimentos under one company taxpayer number (CNPJ).

Escritura TriplexProperty deed for the triplex in the name of OAS, in the notary office for Guarujá São Paulo

To the surprise of the Brasília businessmen, one of the properties was the controversial triplex apartment in Guarujá, attributed to ex-President Lula. In Brasília, the Judge understood that the apartment in the Solaris Building, in Praia das Astúrias, in Guarujá, that the triplex which led to the conviction in the court of first instance of ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, registered in the notary Office in the name of OAS Empreendimentos, could be seized in payment of debts contracted to OAS which is the de facto owner of the property.

*With information from the blog of journalist Mino Pedrosa


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