Naveed Jamali on Assange


Hat tip to Caitlin Johnstone for this story. So called opinion pieces such as that by Naveed Jamali in Newsweek filled with the lies peddled by those who hide behind the all-covering label of ‘national security’, do serve one useful purpose – the comfort that such people are accountable for their lies they push on us, even if they have no conception of such. They are reminding us that there is Truth, there is Justice.

Jamali claims national security was harmed. He claims the secrets were stolen. These are big claims and neither he nor anyone else has been able to justify such. Such claims of propriety are based on the idea of property and rights to property. They have no basis. But they do make us ask, if not this, then what?

Ever since this whole hullabaloo started in 2016, we have had to hear their hysterical screaming. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC comes to mind. People who we naively believed were sane have shown themselves to be unbalanced. We are right to distrust our media outlets when they peddle their wares. They have claimed objectivity and fallen short, but at least they are becoming increasingly obvious about it.

They claim impropriety on the part of Wikileaks and Assange precisely because of the wrong-doing brought about by the State Department, by Hillary Clinton, the Department of Defense, et al. So in a sense, they are right, they do have something to hide and that concern is legitimate. The other side of legitimacy is that of Julian Assange and those wanting to know what has been done in the name of national security. That is legitimate too. We do have a right to know.

In these times when lies are an everyday occurrence, we are being reminded by their lies that there is Truth, they make us ask questions and find answers and we should be grateful for that. I know I am. Life, the Universe and everything kind of stuff.