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Uma História Instrutiva

Tem uma história engraçada do Brasil, que pelas aparências está rachado em dois lados, como aparece que os Estados Unidos e o Reino Unido estão rachados nesse tempo atual. Os dois lados nesse caso brasileiro são pró-intervenção militar e anti-corrupção e os tipos pró-democracia e desenvolvimento social. De qualquer forma, um desses tipo durão, aparentemente tinha falado que estava em favor da volta de tortura etc. Então um desses grupos pequenos de pró-democratas, cataram ele na rua e lhe deram uma surra, nada séria demais, uma lição só. A forma que enxergo isso, não deve berrar muita alta acerca de que acha seria bom para as outras pessoas se não tiver estômago para ter que viver aquilo.

Digo isso para todas as pessoas em todas as situações, os pró e anti, intervenção militar e corrupção e os tipos pró-democracia etc., Brexit e Trump também.

An Instructional Story

There was a funny story from Brazil, which is seemingly torn between two sides, a bit like the US and the UK are torn at the present. These two sides are the pro-military intervention and anti-corruption die-hards and the pro-democracy social development types. Anyway, one of these die-hards had apparently said that he was in favour of bringing back torture and so on. Then one of these small pro-democratic groups went out and gave him a beating, nothing too serious or anything, just a lesson. As I see it the lesson was, don’t shout too hard about what you think is right for others unless you are willing to have to live up to that.

This is addressed to all sides in all such situations, pro and anti Trumpists, pro and anti Brexiteers as well as pro and anti Lulistas.

Left – Right Paradigm

The Left is about Care and the Right about Rights. I see a similar fight against Lula as against Trump in the U.S., and even of the American left and right against Putin, each for their own reasons.

The Left is about a singular concept and the Right about plural. The Word is All. However, we have been, and are, fighting over interpretations of situations, people and places. And that is about it. It is about who has more, sincerity, power or authority, numbers, weight and so on.

English has a saying, “enough is enough”, which means basically, the measures have been taken and were found just, true, fair, balanced and so forth, and may also mean “OK, so let’s move on”. Other forms, in their singular simplicity say Basta, Assez or Quite.

If one looks at language structure, in this case of verbs, one sees first, second and third person, singular and plural. This fits all of us.

There are Us and Them, first and third persons plural. May Peace be upon us, and them, His Messengers. All of Us.

Then again, there are mine ours, his and hers, yours theirs and so on.

We are talking about, thoughts, beliefs, things, inclusion and exclusion, in and out. In may be within a group or nation, in the open, in prison, in love, in work or in the person, in the know, whereas out may be in the street, of the closet, out of ideas, out of money, out of pocket, out of sorts, out of the loop.

Another thought to consider are types of places, high low, left right, in out, right wrong, hot cold, all the extremes and variations in between.

Thinking back, perhaps I should have entitled this piece The Mathematics of Politics, but then who would have read it?

Lula, Brazil, and the World

Lula has led the most successful democratic economic redistribution project the world has seen in the modern world, yet he has been sentenced by the Brazilian Supreme Court in complete disregard of the Constitution this Court is supposed to uphold and any concept of natural justice. Why? Well anyone who looks into this in any depth, comes to a conclusion that it has to be about the money, that those who manipulate people through money and emotionally backed lies about cleaning corruption and the like, do not wish to relinquish such powerful tools which have served them well for about the last five hundred years, whether that be in Europe, the United States or Brazil.

The problem is that those who use such tools are not concerned with the Truth. Why should they? It appears to work well. But as one friend said to me yesterday, everyone knows they are lying, the people themselves, the media, the judges, the heads behind the coup, the people, everyone knows it.

A military intervention has been imposed on the city of Rio de Janeiro in an effort to manipulate the electorate into feeling that now, at last, there is a feeling of security.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t tell the assassins of Marielle Franco, the left-wing city councillor, who had just been appointed as overseer of that military intervention by and for the city, and suddenly the eyes of the world were back on Brazil, and that rather backfired.

Soon afterwards, Michel Temer, the incumbent President, announced his intention to run for the Presidency in the October election. His popularity ratings hover around the three per cent mark, and the talk is that he was hoping of that military intervention would boost his ratings enough to see him to victory.

The problem is that the right-wing neocons do not have any candidate that is palatable to the populace, and the only one in the country with any chance of winning has just been imprisoned on cooked up charges and no evidence.

When they declare Lula unfit to stand for President, which they certainly will, regardless of any legal basis, the person he indicates as his preferred candidate will stand a very good chance of winning. But that would reverse the whole process of the coup and the sell-off of public assets which the neocons, in Washington, London and Brasilia, which had no democratic response to the economic and social successes of the Lula/Dilma governments.

So they are now in a tight position, without room to manoeuvre, and everyone is waiting for the events that are unfolding before us.

National Sovereignty

Lots of people are talking about national sovereignty, not only here in Brazil, but also in the United States and other countries too. If such a thing existed, which I do not believe, every country could live alone, without any interaction with other places. It is the manifestation of a belief, the fruit of pride, that a group of men can organise their laws independently of God and his Laws. The judicial confusion, in Brazil, in the United States and in the United Kingdom, is a demonstration that we cannot exist nor function without God, that their mental and institutional constructions are built on a false foundation, that the Devil has been teaching man since all this began and continues trying to do so today. The fact is that God is revealing, little by little, that the works of man are a failure and bankrupt. Only by recognising this, ceasing to try and repair or reform what is irreparable, will we be able to find what we have to find.

Soberania nacional

Tem muitas pessoas falando de soberania nacional, não só aqui no Brasil, mas nos Estados Unidos e outros países também. Se existisse tal coisa, que não acredito, cada país poderia viver sozinho sem a interação com os outros lugares. É a manifestação de uma crença, fruto do orgulho, que um grupo de homens podem organizar suas leis independentemente de Deus e de suas Leis. A confusão jurídica, no Brasil, nos Estados Unidos e no Reino Unido, e uma demonstração que ele não pode existir nem funcionar sem Deus, que suas construções mentais e institucionais são edificadas numa base falsa, que o Diabo está ensinando para o homem desde tudo isso começou e continua tentando até hoje. O fato é que Deus está revelando, aos poucos, que as obras do homem, são falhas e falidas. É somente reconhecendo isso, deixando de procurar reformar o que é irreparável, que podemos encontrar o que temos que encontrar.

Pensamento do Dia – Sexta feira, 13 de abril

Em inglês, profissão é medicina, engenharia, direito, por exemplo. Podem tratar pessoas, construir pontes ou tratar dos negócios das pessoas. Mas, trabalhador em loja ou escritório não é uma profissão, é um trabalho. Mas qualquer um pode se auto-medicar, engenhar uma coisa que quer, e advogar causas. Um trabalho pode ser tanto um trabalho fixo ou por um tempo. Mas um emprego, em português quer dizer que vai trabalhar para uma outra pessoa. No Brasil qualquer um pode ter profissão, pode ser garri. O governo ou empresas pede sua profissão nos formulários, e todo mundo concorda. Mas acho interessante, que um Presidente metalúrgico, o mais popular da história do país, o mais bem sucedido em resolver os problemas brasileiros, não está visto como merecedor de se candidatar outra vez, nem de gozar da liberdade de andar livremente nas ruas, nem de ter direito á uma audiência e ampla defesa.


Enquanto isso, um trabalho digno está visto como qualquer coisa, menos mendigar ou ser escravo, ou fazer programa para se sustentar ou sustentar filhos. No final das coisas, chega o Dia do Último Juízo, todos livremente se aceitarão como culpados e Deus vai dizer, pois bem, também está inocente e tem direito de estar feliz para sempre.


E aí eu digo, vale a pena brigar ou ficar apegado para certas coisas que no final vamos achar menores, mas que parecem tão grandes hoje em dia?