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The End of the Beginning

The events in Brazil are showing that the end of the neo-liberal experiment are at hand, with governments due to fall in a domino effect, and it is like watching a train crash. Shortly we shall see that the privatisation programme or policy that was implemented firstly by Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady will be seen as a mask she had to adopt to keep a straight face. She could not have understood the full extent of the damage she was inflicting. She is dead, but other participants in that programme are still living, notably in Brazil.

Thatcher and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, ex-President of Brazil, met as early as 1990, at the end of her rule and before the beginning of his. He too took a bribe to implement this programme, which led to many multi-millionaires and the ensuing cries of injustice that were heard there, selling off prime assets at knock-down prices to foreign companies.

However, the unravelling we are seeing in Brazil, will lead to a cleaning out unlike any seen before and a Truth Commission will have to be set up, to clear up what has been hidden, a plot to cover up private gain whilst uttering words of the good they claimed to be doing. Thus the days are numbered, in the sense of what is to be revealed, of many people who had not counted on the truth coming out. This will inevitably lead to Truth Commissions in many countries, in the West and further afield. People are not completely stupid, and you can only fool the people for so long.

People who have participated in these schemes, in all their varieties, will have a choice to come forward, or to be called eventually as the truth is exposed, which will obviously not look too good for them. So those who know what has been done are hereby invited to come forward as soon as you feel able, and to tell what you know, so we can all evaluate what has happened to us and, with time, leave it for posterity to judge and accept that it was human.

I suggest that such misadventures should be treated with a certain compassion, and that they should then retire from public life for the rest of their lives, to live in their communities in as much peace as is possible, but to record their memoirs of their lives for posterity, with all inappropriately acquired assets being confiscated.

Margaret Thatcher had an account in a Swiss bank, and presumably her two children are the beneficiaries of it, naturally through front companies and nicely covered up legal steps.

Let us celebrate our victories, mourn our losses, and accept what we are shown, for we have all been witness to these events or their effects and played our various parts, which is both wonderful and terrible. With this, better times have to come.